Wednesday, August 16, 2006

X and Rollins Band

Greg, Pete, and I went to go see Rollins Band and X (Riverboat Gamblers opened -- we missed 'em) last night at the 9:30. Good show. X was great, I thought, and better than the last time I saw 'em. They were tight, played great songs, and looked to be enjoying themselves a lot. Two small complaints: John Doe's comments about DC and the sound. It always gets a bit old whenever someone comes to town and then all they can do it make comments about the government and politics, like nothing else is going on around here. The sound was a bit shoddy I thought -- guitars and vocals could've been higher in the mix. But hey, maybe I'm just losing my hearing. Aside from that, they rocked.

Rollins Band was cool. I was never that into them that much when they were current, but watching Henry Rollins perform is pretty wild. The guy is just intense. He means it (man). I was a pretty big Black Flag fan... well, before stuff like My War, but I never really got into Rollins Band, so it was interesting to see them. It was their original line up too, same as X. The music was pretty good, but man was it LOUD. The bass drum was so loud, all of my clothes were vibrating. Had to stuff some napkins in my ears. Gotta remember to bring/use earplugs more often! Interesting thing: there was an old couple sitting up in the balcony where performers wait and watch other bands perform. We were wondering if they were Henry's parents?? He is a local guy... Dunno. During Rollins' set, Exene from X came through the crowd to go backstage and had her hands covering her ears! A little bit funny. Guess she wasn't into it.

The show was also *very* punctual, which I appreciate when I have to go to work the next day. Rollins: on at 9pm on the nose. X: on at 10:30. Show over before midnight, home by midnight, buzzing and ringing.

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