Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Vacation time!

We're heading down to Rehoboth on Friday for a week. Really looking forward to it -- sun, beach, beer, relaxin', a little golf perhaps. Hope to have some pics posted after we get back.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

New post, old pics

I've uploaded some pics from earlier in the year from a few trips/events.

Here are pics from Shelley's college graduation from Ohio Wesleyan.

Here are pics from our trip to Las Vegas.

Here are pics from Joe's visit to DC.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Geekin' out w/ my music collection

So as Liz is fully aware, I've been working on entering all my music into a database for the last, oh, year/year and a half. This includes all vinyl (12" and 7") plus CDs and MP3 albums (but not all random MP3s). This has been a big undertaking, and now I am finally done! The software I used is called CATraxx, and it made things really easy -- it pulled CD info from the CDDB, downloaded artwork (when available). And it is a full-on database so I could add track names, credits (songwriters, producers, band members, etc) -- all good info. So with a few clicks I can see all the Johnny Cash covers I have. Or I can see all credits attributed to Elvis Costello, for example. Cool stuff.

I used a lot to find original artists for covers that I wasn't sure of. I also used Yahoo and Google to find some of the more obscure artwork that CATraxx couldn't find. So, since everyone is now frothy with excitement, I've posted the PDFs of the full collection. I had to break it up into 2 separate PDFs -- one for all various artists and one for all but V/A. Oh, and the first one is a fairly big file too. There are definitely some embarrassing moments in the collection...

No V/A here (PDF 18 MB)
V/A here (PDF 2.5 MB)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Catching up

My idea here is to replace the News page on my site with this blog. So, in order to synch up the two sites (and in the future I will merge them, I hope) I am posting here the info that last appeared on the News section as of 04/08/06. Here goes:

Photos, video, etc. from the Pogues show 3/10/06, 9:30 Club, DC here.

The latest excitement: Dena and Greg had their baby son, Mason Gregory Fisher, on February 7, 2006. Exciting stuff! There are pictures here.

Otherwise some other new stuff... the Pogues reunion show was a lot of fun. Liz got a promotion which she definitely deserves. And, we've planned a trip to Las Vegas in May.

This past month was also a busy show month (aside from the Pogues). I went to see the Hellacopters (Black Cat), Arctic Monkeys (9:30), and Yeah Yeah Yeahs (9:30).

My Hit List (what I'm digging at the moment)
Some new CD purchases/gifts:

Some other stuff...

Monday, July 10, 2006

I am blogger...

...Hear me type! I've joined the blogging world with this new Fish Tank blog. I'm going to use this to take the place of the News section of Using a blog to post updates about what Liz and I are up to is much easier than updating the regular site. So, we'll see how it works out, and I'll probably make some tweaks along the way, but... here 'tis!