Sunday, July 16, 2006

Catching up

My idea here is to replace the News page on my site with this blog. So, in order to synch up the two sites (and in the future I will merge them, I hope) I am posting here the info that last appeared on the News section as of 04/08/06. Here goes:

Photos, video, etc. from the Pogues show 3/10/06, 9:30 Club, DC here.

The latest excitement: Dena and Greg had their baby son, Mason Gregory Fisher, on February 7, 2006. Exciting stuff! There are pictures here.

Otherwise some other new stuff... the Pogues reunion show was a lot of fun. Liz got a promotion which she definitely deserves. And, we've planned a trip to Las Vegas in May.

This past month was also a busy show month (aside from the Pogues). I went to see the Hellacopters (Black Cat), Arctic Monkeys (9:30), and Yeah Yeah Yeahs (9:30).

My Hit List (what I'm digging at the moment)
Some new CD purchases/gifts:

Some other stuff...

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