Sunday, September 17, 2006

Trip to the National Building Museum

Liz and I recently went to the National Building Museum. It was my first time there. The building itself is very cool -- amazing space inside. We took in two different exhibits. The first was an exhibit on eco-friendly houses and building materials. It was actually very cool. I was skeptical about it, thinking it would be just a bunch of solar panels and stuff like that. But it was actually interesting and the materials they recommended -- recycled stuff mostly -- were actually pretty nice looking. Turns out the counter tops in our condo are eco-approved material called Richlite. They used the same counter tops in the demo house in the exhibit. Richlite makes counter tops out of paper mixed with resin. It's sustainable because it's made out of paper. That's right, we're green.

The other exhibit was about a Frank Lloyd Wright apartment/office tower, the Price Tower, in Oklahoma. That was pretty good too. I'd count myself as a FLW fan, although a fairly unknowledgable fan. Anyway, it was a good day trip, good city thing to do, and a beautiful day too.

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