Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Settling in and Christmas

We're all getting used to our new routines in the new house -- we being me, Liz, and Lucy. Lucy is doing well, but she has been, uh, medicated -- doggie prozac to make the adjustment period easier. I finally unpacked and shelved the vinyl and CDs -- six boxes of CDs. We're now down to just a few more boxes to unpack. So far though, everything is going really well, and we're really happy in the new house.

Christmas was fun. We got a tree a week before Christmas -- first time in about 3 yrs. Strung the lights, hung the ornaments. Marty, Joanna, and their kids came over on Sunday (Xmas eve day), and we walked over to Tastee Diner (Silver Spring version) for some breakfast. That was fun -- haven't seen Declan and Rosie in what feels like years.

On Christmas day we had our families over for a successful first gathering in our new place. Liz went all out and cooked up some tastee fritattas, plus we had ham and fruit salad. Seemed like everyone had a good time, and we were glad everyone could make it.

Liz always gets the best presents for me: guitars, mp3 players... this year she got me a Roku Soundbridge, which I got set up tonight. This thing rocks. Basically, if you have a wireless router set up, the Soundbridge can hook up to your PC (or whereever you have your music files stored) and play them through your stereo without any wires. And it sounds great! I have the computer set up in the basement now, and the stereo is in the living room on the first floor, so I can play digital files over my stereo very easily. The next big project will have to be transferring all my vinyl to digital so I can stream it over the Soundbridge... I won't project a deadline for that one.

Amir and Elaine also came over for dinner on Friday night which was nice. Always nice to be able to have friends over. After dinner we chilled, and then Amir, Greg, and I went and checked out the Quarry House in SS. Def a spot to return to -- good jukebox, good vibe.

Anyway, future house stuff on horizon includes putting up some towel racks, maybe purchasing a rug for the basement, deciding where to hang the framed prints... I think that's enough for now. Oh yea, maybe some painting. And I gotta buy a snow shovel before it's too late.

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