Friday, June 08, 2007

Change to the bloggery

Last night I updated the blog to a new customizable Blogger template. The new template allows you to do a few more things w/ the blog than the old one, but when I changed over I lost my previous CSS changes on the old blog. (Not a surprise -- they tell you that will happen when you upgrade.) So now I'm playing around with the styles, colors, etc. As far as that goes, the biggest challenge for me is trying to keep the blog in synch w/ the old site. And when I say "old," I mean OLD. I built that site in, like, 2000. I don't really feel like updating the site, so it may just be a jarring transition for a while when you move back and forth between the two, eg, when viewing photo slideshows.

But the new template has allowed me to add the widget you see on the top of the left sidebar. I'm testing out this works/displays, but for now it shows my most often played artists from my iPod and from iTunes. We'll see how well it works. Right now it's not showing very fresh data, but hopefully it'll update itself.

The other new thing is I've added a feed for my bookmarks on the sidebar. The feed itself seems to work well, but I'm not all that stoked about how it's displaying. It seems a bit hard to read -- you can't really tell what things are. I guess I'll continue to play with it. If you have any suggestions, lemme know.

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