Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jane's First Birthday

Jane is now one year old! All the cliches about time flying and kids growing up fast have already begun to ring true -- it *is* hard to believe that it's been a whole year since she was born. It has really flown by. We had a small birthday party for her, and she had fun. She wasn't totally into the cupcake and didn't dive into it like some kids do. She studied it more than tasted it.

There are some other new developments/favorite activities that she's doing now. One thing is she loves climbing up the stairs. It always makes her happy when she gets to the top. She'll usually let out little yells. She is also pulling up all the over place and cruising as well. It looks like she is also dangerously close to standing on her own. She seems to want to do it but is not quite there yet. She's got two bottom teeth coming in, and the doctor says some teeth on the top are not too far behind. She's off the formula (yes!) and is happily eating regular food, although she doesn't like meat too much but loves her veggies -- a budding vegetarian?

Here are some pictures from her birthday party. (I've moved over to because it's much easier, and time is a premium these days.)


Ronald said...

Congratulations! Steve, isn't Jane precious? Aren't you proud to be a daddy? And wait when she starts walking, calling you "daddy", hugging you and all those nice things that will melt your heart. Yes, enjoy her, time does fly... and before you know it, she is getting married!

Our love to you and Liz. Aunt Rosa 4 us all.

Anonymous said...

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